Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does the cover leave spaces for all of the sensors (including the ones on the bumper (wall follower) and underneath the bumper (stairs sensor)
A. The RoomBud cover has holes for the sensors, neither the wall follower or the one on top for virtual walls and home base, are covered.

Q. How do you clean the RoomBud cover?
A. The RoomBud covers are made of alova suede and felt so must be hand washed and line dried. If you throw them in the washer and dryer, you will end up with a RoomBud Mini Me.

Q. Does the remote control still work with the cover on?
A. Since the top infrared sensor is visible, the remote control will work with your Roomba while the RoomBud cover is on the Roomba.

Q. Does the spinning brush still spin freely?
A. The brush spins freely. The RoomBud cover does not go down far enough to cause any problems with the brush.

Q. Does the cover drag on the floor at all?
A. Similar to the answer above. The cover does not drag on the floor so no dirt is swept up by the cover.

Q. Is there a pig, frog, ladybug, <add animal here> RoomBud costume available?
A. We are adding new RoomBud costumes in the near future. Please check back on the web site to see which costumes are available.

Q. Do you guys really know Donald Hutson - the BattleBots guy?
A. Yes, we do know Donald. He's a very cool dude.

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