myroombud RoomBud iRobot Roomba costume
myRoomBud Roombud Roobit
Roobit the Frog
myRoomBud Roombud Slops
Slops the Pig
RoomBette La French Maid
La French Maid
myRoomBud Roombud Roor
Roor the Tiger
myRoomBud Roombud Mooba
Mooba the Cow
myRoomBud Roombud Mooba
FooFoo the WereRabbit
myRoomBud Roombud Roor
Zeb the Zebra
myRoomBud Roombud Roobit
Lucky the Ladybug


myRoomBud Is Alive Dashboard

Download MIAD with VB source code

Note: MIAD requires a RooTooth controller
(available here)
or other bluetooth interaface on your Roomba

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The future of rombatics is here and now. The myRoomBud Is Alive Dashboard or MIAD (pronounced 'maid') allows Roomba owners with a RooTooth interface or other bluetooth connection to add personality to their Roomba. Clicking on any of the RoomBud pictures will start the Roomba off from it's homebase, act like it's a real live frog, tiger ... or French Maid and then proceed to vacuum your floor. With a RoomBud costume, your Roomba can run around the house without being naked. With RoomBud Personalities, your Roomba can hop, growl or wiggle it's way to a clean house. As an added bonus, you can drive your Roomba around by just clicking around the edge of the picture! There is also voice recognition and speech synthesis using the Microsoft Text to Speech engine so you can talk to your Roomba and it talks back!

What else can you do with MIAD? Nothing yet but just keep coming back 'cause we will be adding more personalities and more features as time goes on ... don't miss out!

Watch Roobit the Frog - Hop to it Roobit

Just say "Please" - Voice activated RoomBud

Watch Roor the Tiger - Listen to that vacuum roar

RoomBette La French Maid wiggles her butt


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