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Costumes for your iRobot Roomba
and now your Scooba!!!

Roomba RoomBud Roobit
Roobit the Frog
Roomba RoomBud Slops
Slops the Pig
Roomba RoomBud  RoomBette La French Maid
La French Maid
Roomba RoomBud  myRoomBud Roombud Roor
Roor the Tiger
Roomba RoomBud  myRoomBud Roombud Mooba
Mooba the Cow
Roomba RoomBud  myRoomBud Roombud Mooba
FooFoo the WereRabbit
Roomba RoomBud  Sooshi
Sooshi the Goldfish
Roomba RoomBud  myRoomBud Roombud Sunny
Sunny the Penguin
Roomba RoomBud  Toothy
Toothy the Killer Whale
Roomba RoomBud  myRoomBud Roombud Roobit
Lucky the Ladybug


If you don't dress up your Roomba, it's just a naked vacuum
myRoomBud, a company
started by kids, built by kids, and run by kids

With over 2 million Roombas with loving homes and over half of the Roomba owners already naming their Roombas ... yes you know we're talking about you ... that sound you hear is the call of Roombas from all over the world screaming for clothes. Check out all the original RoomBud™ iRobot® Roomba® costumes. (Sorry but you have to buy the iRobot Roomba seperately). The covers are made of soft thin alova suede. A bit furry but a perfect cover. All covers are hand made by us.

If you own a Roomba, you know what I am talking about. Have you ever:

  1. named your Roomba?
  2. talked to your Roomba?
  3. spent more time watching your Roomba than it would take you to vacuum the room(ba)?
  4. bought a second Roomba so your first would not be lonely?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are a prime candidate for an original RoomBud Roomba costume! At least one RoomBud is being adopted every day by loving Roomba owners ... but this is not fast enough! With over 1,500,000 naked Roombas out there in the world, it will take 4,109 years and 215 days to cloth all those cold, shivering, embarrassed Roombas at this pace. Please do you part and help us. No more naked Roombas!

Check it out
Roody the Reindeer for the Holiday Season
What do you get the Roomba that has everything as a holiday gift? A Roody the Reindeer RoomBud costume cover of course. Flying down from the North Pole with the jolly ole elf himself just in time to show up for this festivus season.

As heard about first on Nation Public Radio's (NPR) Bryant Park Project!!! Listen in on two of the myRoomBud founders interview on real live public radio. How cool is that.

Visit myRoomBud in Second Life
We created a virtual Second Life version of a Roomba. Amazingly realistic. Watch the video and come join us to play with the SLoomba in Second Life.

Miad For A Day
The myRoomBud Is Alive Desktop has been extended to work as a scheduler for the Roomba. Ya Ya we know, the Roomba Scheduler already exists but we went ahead and mucked up another one. If anyone has any suggestions on how it 'should' work, let us know.

myRoomBud Is Alive Dashboard
The future of roombatics is here and now. RoomBuddies now have (multiple) personalities. myRoomBud has enhanced the Roomba pet experience by programming personalities into the Roomba so now Roobit the Frog hops around, Roor the Tiger growls then pounces, and RoomBette La French Maid will wiggle it's behind at your before vacuuming your room.

The founders of myRoomBud meet the founders of iRobot

Colin Angle, Helen Greiner and from left to right Isabelle, Griffin, Niles and Tyler

And the #1 Roomba Hack IS ...

Hey! Tech Blog picked our Roomba Frogger Redux program the #1 Roomba hack! Yes, cooler than a cell-phone controlled Roomba, hipper than the WiiRoomba, more powerful than the Roomba with Airsoft gun and laser sights.
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You Can Finally Control Your Roomba With Your Phone
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Wi-Fi-connected Roomba 980 maps a better route
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iRobot's Wi-Fi-Equipped Roomba 980 Gives Rosie The Robot A Run For Her Money
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